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Virtual Garage Tour for tablet or mobile


Which devices and browsers are supported for the Virtual Garage Tour for smartphone or tablet?

Any device is supported on this experience. This includes devices that run on Android and IOS .

This requires the use of a recent browser.

This experience requires a high speed internet connection and low network latency. A download speed of 10Mbps is recommended for optimal performance.

On some browsers it is possible that some features are not accessible.

Virtual Garage Tour for desktop


Can I visit the platform from a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, use the version for smartphone or tablet: dstecheetah.com/virtual-garage-mobile/

Which browser should I use?

Whenever possible, use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser. Make sure you have the latest version of these browsers installed.

How do I update my browser?

  • Google Chrome: click on the settings icon (3 dots) in the upper right corner of your browser. Select the menu tab: Help and more: About Google Chrome. You can now complete your update.
  • Firefox: click on the menu button then Help and select About Firefox. The About Mozilla Firefox window opens. Firefox checks for updates and downloads them automatically. When the download is complete, click Restart to update Firefox.
  • Safari: Open the App Store by clicking on the Apple menu at the top left of the screen. Click on Updates in the left column. Click on “Update All”.
  • Edge: Open the Edge menu, by clicking on the “…” icon to the right of the address bar. Then click on the “Help and Comments” section. Then click on the “About Microsoft Edge” option at the bottom of the list. Microsoft Edge is up to date.