E-Tense FE21

200KmH maximum speed

0-100KmH in 2.8 seconds

52KwH capacity battery

903kg minimum weight

Michelin Pilot Sport EV Season 6 tyres

250Kw (338hp) maximum power

250Kw energy recovering power

Full specifications

Type: Single seater

Length x width x height: 5.16m x 1.77m x 1.05m

Wheelbase: 3.10m

Weight: Min 903kg with driver

Battery: 54KwH capacity, 385kg

Max power: 250Kw (338hp)

Energy recovering power: 250Kw

Supply: 900V

Brakes: Ventilated carbon discs, 4-piston caliper, rear break-by-wire

Max speed: 230KmH (optimised for street circuits)

0 to 100KmH: 2.8 seconds

Breaking distance: 100m to slow down from 230KmH to 40KmH

Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport EV Season 5 (front: 245x40R18, rear: 305X40R18)